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This article contains a lot of speculation. This usually occurs from pre-release videos or images of games, theories or rumors, or just things that are unknown entirely. Please keep that in mind when reading what is here. We will update the page with the most accurate information once more solid evidence can be supplied.
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Theories are speculation about Five Nights at Wario's.

The Killer

Yoshi could have started it all but due to endless guilt and sadness from what he had done to everyone, he killed himself in the Garden, in which could be why he was outside in the Garden, looking into the Tool Storage sometimes as a ghost and stalking The Player. How Yoshi might have been killed is he that he kills himself.

The Killer might be Richard McRoy, it's possible he's the Phone Guy in the second game as he worked 6 nights in the first game, he locked the doors on Thomas Taylor (The player)  to keep him from leaving on Saturday and Sunday possibly in an attempt to keep him from saying a word to the police, by sewing his mouth shut by letting the Plumbers attempt to kill him, at the end of the phone call on Night 6, his voice changes somewhat in audio, sounding a bit like Wario himself and even went into hiding from the police.

The Wario Man Costume

The costume of Wario Man is stolen. It's possible that somebody is using the costume. Who this is, is still unknown.

In Five Nights at Wario's 3 it was Proven of a Killer in the Wario Man Costume, the Real killer's Identity is Unknown.


Rumors are a fake thing in a video game that is meant to be spread.

Wario Man jumpscare

There was a rumor that Wario Man had a jumpscare in Five Nights at Wario's. This was proven false because there is no Wario Man jumpscare in the game files.


Donkey Kong

People had rumored that Donkey Kong appeared in Five Nights at Wario's 2, this was proven false, however, Donkey Kong will make an appearance in Five Nights at Wario's 3.