Were you looking for The Office from the first game?

The Office also known as the Security Guard's Office, is a location in Five Nights at Wario's 2 and the central location.

It is where the player starts the game at, and stays there for the whole game, unless the player hides in the Backroom.


The office in-game has wooden walls, a desk, a chair, some coat racks, some books, a window, a hall, and a painting saying "WARIOWARE". There is also a vent.


  • When the player clicks the "WARIOWARE" poster, it will play wario's laugh.
    • Sometimes when the player clicks it enough, it plays a secret phone call.
  • Sometimes, after dying, The Office is the location during a cutscene, With the phone guy saying: "Hello? Are you there or not? (Laughs) Good."
  • There is a glitch that may occur in which Wario and the others may appear to be in your room, or blind spots, but they have in fact already left. You can avoid this if you listen to the sound cues, or just memorize how long each character stays in the office. (This seems to happen at random and will be harmless aside from making the player unsure of whether or not the character has left the office)
  • A glitch may occur if a character enters your office with Mario in which case the other character may appear to be stuck while Mario appears to have left but upon lifting and bringing down your Monitor Mario will jumpscare and kill the player. (This can happen if any 2 characters enter your office at the same time, there doesn't seem to be a way past this resulting in the player's death)
  • Bowser can sometimes be seen in the window.

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