The Office, also known as the Security Guard's Office, is the central location in Five Nights at Wario's. The player will be stationed here for the entirety of the game.


The Office has a bookshelf, a lamp, and a computer. Its walls appear to be blue although this may be a result of lighting. It also has a door and a window. The door connects to the Office Exit and the window shows the Control Room. There are two pairs of switches, one pair beside the door and the other under the window. The one which looks like a light switch is to turn on the lights, while the one with a red button is to close the door or the window. Also, the player appears to have 200% power at the start of the night.

In the original unedited picture, the walls are painted white. The room has a painting on where the doorway would be and its window has shades.


The player sits here during every night. The player must check the door and window often by using the lights to look for the enemies while conserving power. Upon spotting an enemy, the player must close the door or the window to prevent them from entering The Office, and killing the player. Wario and Waluigi will always appear on your left, whereas Luigi and Peach on your right. Mario can appear in the computer and sometimes he blocks the door lights when he is there. He will eventually appear in the room.

Office Cheat

The Office can be used to cheat the game due to an oversight by WwwWario [verification needed].

All you have to do is to just sit there and never check the Monitor. No character can attack as there is no entrance animation. The next game foiled the cheat with the addition of the generator and the backroom, the generator resembling something like The Puppet's Music box in Five Nights at Freddy's 2.


This sound occurs when an enemy is seen at the door or the window.


  • The window's blind spot is the only location where you can see Luigi without his deformed nose.
    • Also, he seems to have a second mouth when he appears there.
  • The lights in the room flicker when Mario has emerged from the computer.


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