Rosealina queen of the cosmos always watching over the universe the universe where the mushroom kingdom is located but this is not the only universe in existence universes exist in a infite ammount all coexsting in perfect balance thus the mushroom kingdom exists in many varations simlar yet diffrent in parrel universes in one of these in many universes however something was about to go very wrong in this reality wario and walugi has recently opened up their own cafe know simply as warios they had a small budget so the cafe was pretty small but everything was going the right way Wario is a nightguard during the first week but luckly no intruders came along it did not take long before the ammount of customers grew rapidly due to a special hamburger recipe what wario and walugi used and the two of them grew fairly rich a couple of years passed and they evientually decided to close of the warios cafe and instend use all of the money to bulid warios dream a massive fast food factory they bulit it in a very old area where the remains of really old bulidings still consumed Wario And Walugi asked for Mario Lugi And Peach to work at the factory and so they did Everything was going good until everything went horriblely wrong a man named "Bruno Gate" Heard Footsteps and when wario came to him he killed them one by one Rosealina saw this problem and wanted to stop this so he sent wario walugi peach mario and lugi back in time before Bruno Gate killed them she thought it would get rid of the curse but it didnt their bodys were still cursed on night 5 of five nights at warios the phone guy went over to check on the nightguard only to be killed by wario when entering the facotry some say the facotry was simply cursed or haunted by spirts so they closed of the facotry never to be seen again wario and walugi decided to get into the video game buisness so they started wario ware incorapted they invited toad to work in the facotry he would hide in the closet when bowser was outside of the facotry one day he set fire to the facotry killing toad and bowser himself so they closed of wario ware for good and the phone guy in fnaw 2 had nightmares of watching tv with the evil spirts of wario walugi peach and mario then lugi possed the phone guy of fnaw 2 then he told someone to watch over his house and so he did no one has been living in that house for years and wario the gang were out to get revnege on Bruno Gate in the bad enidng the possed phone guy from fnaw2 came and killed the nightguard in the celler and killed max on the way there bruno found out what he have done so the nightguard played the music box and wario and the gang saw bruno after so many years he was sorry and wanted to ask for forgiveness thats the only thing that can end the time loop they were finally at peace wario lugi toad bowser mario and lugi were at peace thus ending the story of five nights at wario) thank you www wario for this fantistic game i hope you will make more great games in the future:)

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