Were you looking for the Storage room in the first game?

"It's a Lonely House..."

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The Storage (CAM 3) is a location of Five Nights at Wario's: Origins. Wario can enter here and also Waluigi can enter here when you move at any rooms. It has a mechanic like in the third game where the player chooses a list of items to use, these items become more and more useful on later nights. The items are:Mushroom:the mushrooms can stop all ghosts except Mario (and Wario if you run out of safety). They will turn you invisible for a short period of time and stop ghosts from attacking you. They can spoil if held for too long and have too be cleaned in the Bathroom (FNaW:O). Battery: 1 of 2 places to get these bad boys. They power the flashlight so come here if you are running low and you cant go to the Bathroom.