Minicrat: 29 edits. =

(No slot limit)

Rollback: 210 undos or more. =

(9 Slots) 8 left

Chat Moderator: Online on chat for more than 21 days. =

(6 Slots) 6 Left

Moderator: More then 290 comments on forums. =

(8 Slots) 8 Left

Mini Administrator Ether contribute to the wiki for 6 days or get permission from a Major Admin/Admin/Bureaucrat=

(5 slots) 4 left

Administrator: Requires Founder/Major Admin/Bureaucrat permission =

(9 Slots) 2 left

Bureaucrat: Like Admin, But with the ability to promote others to admin. =

(3 slots) 1 left

Music Changer: Knowledge of changing profile music. =

(9 Slots) 8 left

CSS Coder Permission =

(10 Slots) 8 left

Decomplier Permission

(5 slots) 5 left.

Major Administrator Hard working, trusted admin, only the Founder can promote Major Administrators=

(2 slots) 2 left.

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