The Back Room, with the Generator and Power Meter.

In Five Nights at Wario's 2, the player has a limited power supply just like in Five Nights at Wario's, but unlike in Five Nights at Wario's, it is much more limited in that it will run out very quickly if left unchecked. In order to combat this problem, the player must go to the Backroom in The Office and generate power using the Generator. This is essential in your survival of each progressing night. If the player fails to do so, a random character will eventually kill the player while it is dark.

The button with the words "TURN ON GENERATOR" would turn on the Generator. Keep in mind you must Left-click and hold on the button to generate power.

The grey bar underneath this button is your Power Meter. This runs out gradually over time, and can only be seen in the Backroom. Generating power refills this meter.

From Night 4 and onwards, the generator will go down much faster. However, it will charge up faster as well.


  • Generates power for you, so the Monitor can be used and can stop Toad.
  • Powers the ceiling light in The Office.
  • The clock will still continue after the generator runs out.
  • Should the player run out of power, they will not immediately fail the night as long as enemies are not around, as they can charge the generator back up to get the power running again (must be fully charged to turn back on, however).


  • You'll have to constantly go to the Backroom and keep generating much needed power.
  • Using the Generator also generates noise, which will attract the characters to the Backroom if they are in The Office.
  • You'll have to go to the Backroom constantly to check your Power Meter.


  • It is believed that the generator is inspired by the Music Box from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.