...see if you can find some medicine of some sort.
— Phone guy from Five Nights at Wario's 3

Pills are a game mechanic located in the Bathroom on Night 2. They appear to be in a box or tray full of them.


The Pills are accessible by clicking the tab labeled "Pills", next to the tab that activates the Monitor. There are 3 different kinds of pills. Paralysis, Long Sight and Short Sight. You will have 6 total, with one being paralysis, 2 being short-sight and 3 being long sight. They are all different colours, with paralysis being a sort of blue, short sight being red and long sight being green.



  • Each pill has a side effect, which can leave the player vulnerable to anyone that may reappear.
  • There is a limited amount, so once you run out, you are extremely vulnerable to Ashley and Yoshi. It will most likely happen in hard mode. Which means that the game can just decide to kill you if it wants to. So you will need luck to pass this night on hard mode.


  • Short Sight makes you unable to see the Bathroom. Use these pills as a last resort.
  • Long Sight makes you unable to view the Cameras.
  • Paralysis makes you unable to move, but able to view the Bathroom and the Cameras. Use this pill first.