Nightmare Wario is a final antagonist from Five Nights at Wario's 4. He ressembles Wario. He oftenly fades into the TV, and to stop him, go to a tab and then click 'Stop Demon W'. The W appears to stand for "Wario".


He basically has the same appearance of Wario, but has no skin on his face. This is similar to Mario.

He could also be based off of how Wario looks in FNaW 3.


Nightmare Wario will start on Night 5, and fades in on the left side of the TV. The only way to stop him is to go to the menu bar, go to help, and click on "Stop Demon W". If Nightmare Wario is completely visible, he'll jumpscare you.


  • Nightmare Wario resembles Nightmare from Five Nights at Freddy's 4 as both are the final antagonist and both have similar killscreens the only difference being nightmare wario flickering in-game.
  • Despite being called Nightmare Wario, the name on the button is Demon W (Ario.)
  • Nightmare Wario seems to have been somewhat inspired by Wario from FNAW3, Due to his skeletal head, also from Mario due to having no skin for the head.

Five Nights at Wario's 4

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