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Night 7 is the seventh and last playable night of Five Nights at Wario's 2. It is the hardest of all nights in the game, as Wario and co. become extremely aggressive.


Check the Tool Storage, Office Entry and the Garden out and don't forget to take care of the Generator.


  • Use the pattern you used on the last night. That is your best chance of survival.

Phone Call

"*wicked laugh* I see you're enjoying our little game! How's your day been? I'm sure it's been full of joy. You're halfway there, friend! Only the most difficult part remains. Someone's been waiting for you; so you'd better give them a warm welcome. *static* (reversed: It's time to end you. You'll play the looping game with no ends. You cannot hide. We will find you. We will locate you; we will do the same thing to you, as we did to him. Soon you will be one of us. You cannot run anymore, *police siren* Thomas Taylor)


  • The player has to work this night because Phone Guy locked them away inside the building, indicated in the Night 6 phone call.
  • After this night, you will find out that Phone Guy is on the run.
  • This is the highest night number used in the series.
  • There is a glitch in the game where the characters will enter The Office and never leave. The player can avoid this glitch by panning back and forth while hiding in the Backroom.


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