Night 6 is the last night of Five Nights at Wario's: Origins. On this night, the player goes back to The Office from the first game. The only active antagonist is Wario Man. There is also no phone call on this night because The Phone Guy from Wario's Cafe will not able to call you anymore After Wario's Cafe got shut down instead The new Phone Guy will be able on Five Nights At Wario's

Completion of the Night gives the player access to the Custom Night and a cutscene.


  • Wario Man is the most active enemy in the entire franchise as he goes through rooms very quickly. However, as he is the only enemy, this night is not so bad.
  • You can tell which way Wario Man is coming from by the fact that he does a sound when he goes into the Corridor, the same sound Waluigi did when he was in the Machinery in the first game. So, if you hear that sound, Wario Man will try to come from the window on your right.
  • You can also check the monitor just to see if Wario Man is close to the door on you left by checking the Office Exit (the cam where you start at when you look at the monitor). Do that if you don't hear the sound he makes when he goes to the Corridor.
  • Once you spot him on the Office Exit, turn on and off the light periodically and when he is here, close the left door.
  • Once you hear the sound he makes when he is in the Corridor, turn on and off the light periodically and when he is here, close the window.


  • This is the only time Wario Man is an antagonist.

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