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Night 6 is the sixth playable night of Five Nights at Wario's 2. There is a big chance that all enemies will visit The Office this night. The player will see that the Phone Guy isn't on their side. Upon completion, a screen with a text that says "The End?" appears, but followed by a jumpscare of Mario.


Check the Tool Storage, Office Entry and the Garden, others will waste time. Try to keep the Generator on. Don't forget to check out the Tool Storage.


  • Make a special check on Bowser as he is by far the most active character. Mario is also a lot more active this night than Night 5.
  • A good trick is to time your actions with the lightning. Once you think the lightning is about to strike, check the Tool Storage, aim for the left, before the lightning strikes and once it strikes, quickly put down your cameras, so you can also see the hall.
  • If anyone is in the hall, don't charge the generator for too long; same if Bowser is in the window.

Phone Call

"Huh, I see you got my phone call this morning. Sorry that you have to work on a Saturday, but we had no choice. We had some, ummm... *short pause* problems that required a security guard. Now since you're here, want to play? Or have some fun with us? I like to call this game "No pain, no gain". You know that you have to work in life to be rewarded, Thomas? And I've got a feeling that you will leave in the morning like normal, maybe even earlier. In this little game, you cannot skip work, Thomas; No no no, that's against the rules! So, I was kind enough to lock the doors a few minutes ago! That way, you will stay here tomorrow, and work here tomorrow night as well! But don't worry. I've left food there for you to eat. You can thank me later. I've done this myself, somewhere else, several years ago. Now it's your turn to have some fun, ay? Ready, set, GO."


  • This night shows Phone Guy's true side, as it got worse and worse.
  • The player's work on this night and the following night may have been without consent, as implied by Phone Guy.
  • "The End?" might be a joke, because the player is jumpscared by Mario, before being able to start Night 7.


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