Were you looking for Night 6 from the second game?
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Night 6 is the bonus night of Five Nights at Wario's. There is no phone call since Phone Guy was killed by one of the characters in Night 5. All of the characters will be extremely active.


The best strategy for this night is to only check the lights and shut the doors. Because of this, Mario will not be able to kill you, and the night will be fairly easier.


When the night ends, the screen of 6 AM screen will play like previous nights. Then, an image will show with text saying: "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ENTER THE FACTORY WHEN IT'S CLOSED", "Never do that again", and "Congratulations!". The image depicts all of the characters in Entrance 1.



  • This is the only night in the series that doesn't have any phone call.
  • There is a common theory that Mario is actually escaping the factory. In the image, he is leaning toward a lighted doorway, believed to lead outside the factory. It is unknown whether this is true or not.

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