Night 5 is the fifth night in Five Nights at Wario's: Origins. It is a very tricky night, as Mario becomes active on this night.

Completion of the night gives the player access to Night 6.

Phone call

"*creepy voice* Good evening Wario~ *normal voice* I'm just messin with you man! It's starting to get a little bit creepy in here, right? I mean with the windy weather and the cloudy sky tonight, I've got some good news and some bad news for you man. The good news is that we've moved some boxes and other stuff in that machinery room behind the attic so now you can look in that window to see on the other side. Not much to see there but one of the machines is connected to the camera powering the office. So you can see the power draining to give you a little insight of how much camera power you have left....Bad news, though, well, the power ain't back. I hope you didn't throw away your flashlight ey? But hold on because there's more bad news in store for you....Uhm...avoid the basement all costs? Because I saw someone or something in the basement on the camera, and when I got back to it later, I SWEAR it had come closer. Whenever you have time, check on the basement camera alright? Maybe looking at it often will keep whatever's down there in check....Anyway, next week is a BIG week. So promise me to be careful tonight Wario, we need you"


  • This night is even more harder than the last one, and probably the hardest night in the game, not counting the Custom Night as Mario becomes active and all the enemies are very active.
  • Wario is extremely active, now. He will move very quickly and will need a lot of attention. Just make sure you know which way he is going before trying to get a mushroom in the storage.
  • Waluigi works the same as you might want to check if he is in your room or in the Storage when you are going there. Do that by using your flashlight and if he is there, leave the room and try to come back. Sometimes, he leaves straight away.
  • Peach, once again, is the easiest enemy to avoid, as you can completely get rid of her by avoiding the Bathroom and just use the battery in the Storage.
  • Mario is the biggest threat by far. You will need to check him very frequently in the Basement on the monitor. NEVER go to the Basement on this night or your will be killed by him. By checking him EVERYTIME you go in your room, you will avoid him. On 5am, he might be very close to exit the Basement, but if you checked him enough, you will avoid him. If you fail, he will kill you no matter what happen as he ignores the effects of the mushrooms.
  • Unlike all previous games Mario will not reset his stage CHECK HIM as fast as you can
  • If you try to be away while Mario is there he will still kill you REMEMBER THIS moving away from any rooms while Mario is in your room will still not work


  • Mario has never been as much as a threat in the past games. in the first and second games he can be avoided by lifting the cameras or going into the Backroom respectively or he could go back through his stages. in the third game again lift the monitor if you hide in the Playroom or turn on the Washing Machine in the laundry room.

Easter Eggs

At 1 AM Somebody said: (WE ARE COMING) For a few times Whoever said that it might be Mario because a Youtuber by the name Taste Gaming suspects that the (WE ARE COMING) sound was Mario NOT Wario but the day shift guard wasn't here he was sleeping at his place

At 5 AM You will hear The Phone Call but with someone's evil laugh


After the player beats the final night. The ending will show the text that says that: Serverals weeks later Wario's was closed forever. As the paronormal events did not stop.

Many years later after the New Built Wario Ware INC. was burnt to the ground.

Wario and Waluigi opened A 3rd building.

The brand new Wario's Fast Food Factory.

After The Ending Night 6 Was showed on the menu screen

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