"It's a Lonely House..."

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Night 5 is the next to last playable night in Five Nights at Wario's 4. Nightmare Wario becomes active on this night. All of the characters will appear on Night 5, but more active. The remote will also break more often. Beating this night unlocks the Extras Menu.


  • Waluigi will often be running the first time you check the hallway channel, so be careful.
  • To save your time, immediately switch from the News Channel as there is no News Guy.
  • When the remote breaks, be sure to repair it immediately. This way, you can lower your chances of being forced into a bad position by multiple characters.
  • Nightmare Wario will occasionally appear on the left side of the screen. When this happens, click the red button, go to help, and click "Stop Demon W."


  • This night doesn't give you any endings. Instead, Night 6 does.
    • This is the first time Night 5 doesn't give you an ending.
  • Night 5 and Night 6 has no News Guy. This may be because he has died to the others.

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