Night 5 is the final playable night of Five Nights at Wario's 3. The player hides in the Cellar during this night. However, the night can be completed instantly if the player has collected all parts of the Music Box.


The player can only view the Cellar on the Monitor. Although this is the room where the player hides in, the Monitor functions as a means to view the enemies in the room. Using the Monitor will drain its power. If it runs out of power, the player will have to quickly press the "charge camera" button.

The enemies who will be active for this night are Wario, Luigi, and Waluigi. Wario appears on the very left of the room, while Luigi on the right. Waluigi appears at the doorway in the center.

If Wario is seen on the left, the player must tilt to the right. If Luigi is seen on the right, the player must tilt to the left. If Waluigi appears in the center, the player must click "flash electricity".

It's worth noting that multiple enemies can appear together. If Wario and Luigi appear at either side, the player must tilt left and right quickly. Should all three enemies appear together, click "flash electricity" to scare Waluigi first, then turn left and right to scare Wario and Luigi.

Phone call

"Hey man, good evening so how are you? Are you doing good? *short pause* Man, I tell you what the police have been crazy active today and honestly are still at it. Someone must've done something really bad. ok. Tell me, where did you hide? What? *some groaning noise* c-come again? A cellar... haha you gotta be joking right there is no cellar in that house... right? No no no no! I'm positive, when we investigated the house several years ago, there was no sign of any basement whatsoever. *pause* Um, um i'm sorry but I cannot help you here. I have no idea what it's like down there and since you're underground, the cameras probably won't work either. Y-you could always use the night vision camera to look around your room though... but that will drain your battery extremely fast. Because of this you might have to charge it up manually otherwise just *pause* jus-jus-just remember what I said about the eye contact. See what you can find down there and honestly try and,try and stay safe, man. I'm not sure if *opening noise* hey! Hey! What are you doing in here? This is for employees only and sorry, i'm gonna have to ask you to *cuts off* Oooh! you look a lot like him. Are you the one? Are you the one? Are you the one? *demonic voice* Are you the one? *stabbing sound* Oops! *chuckle* Looks like he wasn't the one! But are you? Let me come over and check myself. *demonic voice* See you there."


  • You should look to the right side of the room and stay looking that way as Luigi usually shows up later. This takes off Wario as a threat so you only have to worry about Luigi and Waluigi.
  • A sound cue will (sometimes) be played when Waluigi is in the center whether or not you can see him. You should still check your Monitor for him.


  • This is the only night in the series which can be completed instantly.
  • It is one of the two nights in the game where the player may not choose a room, the other being Night 1.
    • It is also the only night where the player can only view one room on the Monitor.
      • Additionally, it is the only time the player can view the room they stay in on the Monitor.

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