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Night 5 is the fifth playable night of Five Nights at Wario's 2. The night is much harder than the previous nights as the enemies become even more active, and Mario becomes active on this night.


Check the cameras, but only the Tool Storage, the Office Entry, and the Garden to work quickly. Minding the generator will be significantly harder, but do it if it's certain that nobody is coming towards The Office.


  • Since Mario is now active, you will have to test your reflexes, since he can pop out at any time when you put down the cameras.
  • Check the Tool Storage and the hall during the same lightning strike, as it saves time.
  • When you have time, check the Garden to see if Bowser is coming.
  • It is recommended that you don't check any other camera than the Office Entry, the Tool Storage and the Garden. Otherwise, time is wasted.

Phone Call

"You're still there aren't you? Huh, that's good, okay. Uhhh, yeah, good evening by the way. Uh, listen up. I think someone might be in your office right now. You probably don't see anyone yet, but he's there. Don't get too scared now, though I'm guessing he's watching you as we speak. It's Friday today, so you made it through the whole week. Uhhhhhhh, good job. Now, be a good boy and just keep at it. We've nearly given up on this power system as it doesn't seem to get fixed. You've just gotta live with it tonight, but you've done well so far, so it shouldn't be a problem. Correct! Bet you are looking forward to the weekend, huh? Getting some rest? Mmhm, I bet you are. Goodbye."

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