Night 4 is the fourth night in Five Nights at Wario's: Origins. The power goes out completely. The player should use the flashlight to look around rooms. Waluigi and Peach are active on this night.

Phone call

"Finally I have some good news for you Wario! We have fixed the resetting generator!...Kind of. You see, this generator would drain the power in the whole building, including the computer. We managed to fix that today but with that...a new problem appeared. Obviously. We got a big problem with the lights in the building Wario, they would shut off and it'd be almost impossible to get them back on. If they run out tonight, all you can do is grab your trusty flashlight and use that....But, flashlights don't live forever, obviously, so the batteries are the key here. Surprisingly, there are two locations you can grab these bad boys. The first one is in the same cabinet as you get the mushrooms. The other one, for some reason, is in the bathroom. Not sure if you've seen it but lately there has been batteries just floating in front of the mirror in there. It IS a lot shorter to the bathroom than to the storage so while I have no freaking idea what's going on here, we shouldn't say no to free batteries. I was planning to call some ghost capturing guys here but this isn't any normal form of haunting, I believe..."


  • Now, you need the flashlight. Things are going to be a lot harder from now on, as your vision is very limited. Worse, Waluigi and Peach are now active.
  • You don't have to worry about Luigi anymore since he is only active on Night 3.
  • For Wario, nothing is really different other that he is even more active. Just look which path he is taking and get the mushroom when you need it.
  • For Peach, you can completely avoid her by avoiding the Bathroom, as she might appear there instead of the battery. It is recommended to use of the battery in the Storage instead.
  • Waluigi is the biggest threat. He can teleport to any room at random and in order to avoid him, you will need to leave the room as quickly as possible or take a mushroom. The problem is that he can actually pop out in your room, so you will have to go away and lower your safety. He can also be in the Storage, so watch out. Everytime you stay are going to stay in a room for more than two seconds, check if Waluigi is there by looking around with your flashlight, reason being he is impossible to see on the cameras.
  • Since the power went out Wario will have ability to teleport any rooms in his path. It's almost impossible to see where he went, so check the camera as fast as you can.
  • You don't have to worry about Mario for now because he will be only active in Night 5. There is no need to check the Basement, and you can enter anytime you like.
  • Wario's fastest path route is Backdoor, Attic (CAM 5 and 4) and his Slowest path route is Backdoor, Storage Office and Kitchen (CAM 5,3,2 and 1)
  • In the Bathroom, if you stare Peach for a too long, she will kill you. It is recommend to stay away from the Bathroom
  • Use the ghosts mushrooms early. Don't keep it for too long; remember what the day shift guard told you on the first night.
  • The Generator Will be even more unstable than the previous nights because The lights went out and the cameras power is still not fixed, so don't try to get the power back on because The power will move to the Office


  • This night is a huge difficulty step from the previous nights.
  • This is the first night with needed Flashlight
  • This is the first night for Waluigi and Peach becomes active
  • This is impossible to see Mario because he is not active this night No need to check him at the basement

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