"It's a Lonely House..."

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Night 4 is the fourth playable night of Five Nights at Wario's 4. The game becomes a lot harder on this night as Waluigi and Peach become active, and the remote might break.


As soon as the night starts, the player will notice a button on the remote glowing red. Once pressed, a menu will appear with "File" and "Help" as the options. The player can then choose the options "Fix Remote" in File and "Cut rope" in Help if Peach is there. However, unless the remote is broken, it is easier to change the channel on Peach. The first option should be used as quickly as possible when the remote breaks, which happens randomly. Waluigi works like Luigi, as he will appear on a channel and kill the player if he/she doesn't switch channel quickly. As for Peach, she appears on a channel once in a while, having a rope around her neck. Other than that, as always, cut the brightness for Wario and go to the Radio Channel to repel Mario.

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