Were you looking for Night 4 from the second game, or even Night 4 from the third game?
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Night 4 is the fourth playable night in Five Nights at Wario's. Wario, Waluigi, Peach and Luigi become more aggressive on this night. Mario also starts to become active, and is a threat to players who don't understand how to fend him off.


Check hall lights, camera upon hearing audio cue for the two areas closest to The Office. Mario can appear in the desk computer at 12 AM causing trouble for the player if not fended off correctly. Luigi seems likely to move first on this night and it is entirely possible like Night 2 and 3. Wario, Waluigi, and Luigi will most likely visit The Office 2-5 times during this night. Be warned, characters may also stay at the door for longer periods of time in order to drain power. When Mario appears in your office, quickly pull up the Monitor to make him leave.

Phone Call

"Hello? Alright, you are in position. Well this is your fourth night. Umm... I think you can take tomorrow and the rest of next week off. We at the company have decided to close the factory off for a little while. Some... things have been going on. The machines keep turning on and off, and there seems to be some kind of glitch in the system constantly, and yesterday an employee found... well... two teeth in the basement. So, yeah, weird things have been going on, so we decided to close things off, at least for awhile. One could think that there are some intruders trying to get the secret recipe. If you didn't know, Wario and Waluigi had a secret recipe that I'm sure many people would really want to have. Apparently, they came up with the recipe at an old location. Yeah, apparently Wario and Waluigi ran a little shop, or something before this factory was opened, but it should be hard to get into the factory. You see, this factory has two entrances, and both of those entrances are heavily locked, so any intruder getting should be impossible. And speaking of intruders, umm, people inside the factory... you haven't been voices of some kind? Well, as I was leaving my day shift, yesterday. I could swear I heard a voice coming from inside the factory... said something like 'Stop him' and 'Help me' or something. I dunno, it's weird because it really sounded like that Luigi guy who went missing. So anyways, just get through this night and properly have a day off tomorrow. We'll send you a letter in the mail... and keep an eye out for something... unusual. Anyways, good luck and I'll talk to you tomorrow... Goodbye!"


  • The two teeth that the employee found may belong to Wario, since when he is at the Office Exit, he appears to have two missing teeth.

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