Night 3 is the third night in Five Nights at Wario's: Origins. Wario is more aggressive. Luigi is active only on this night.

Phone call

"I don't think I will ever understand why you still wanna do this. I mean...are you alright? Were you dropped on your head back when you were a little baby or somethin'? By the way I'm sorry for blaming you yesterday, I...wasn't aware that you only worked at night this first week so...*inhale* Annnyway, i've been been checking out! I came back to work today...and...all of us forgot to...reset the generators. So the power got itself a hard time. I did go back! I turned it on! And guess what? I checked the camera when I got back and something was standing up in the attic. I didn't see it when I passed the room on my way back but it was CLEARLY there on the camera! It was just...standing in the machinery room behind the attic in the window, looking down at me. seemed to appear after the lights got cut off. I just got this feeling that it would stand more and more up and...stare straight at the camera if I left the power out for longer. I'd be extra careful with the power tonight pal. Keep resetting it as often as you can, and if it runs out, turn it on as quickly as you can and avoid the attic until you know if the creature in there is staring at you or not. Just like...I SAW you yesterday! it only saw this...thing on the camera, not when I actually went to the room itself.I know All of this sounds a bit creepy doesn't it? Oh and one more thing, we've gotten some problems with the camera power too. Yeah, you cannot keep resetting that like the main generator. It's just too hot to touch. If the computer shuts down, Head for the Office and press the red glowing button to turn it on again. You got all that? It sure hope so pal're gonna need that info...Heh, you're crazy man. You're just straight-up crazy"


  • Luigi is active on this night, so you might want to check him in the Attic. If he is looking straight at you, make sure the power doesn't go out, or he will kill you.
  • Wario is a little bit more active, but just use the same strategy to avoid him as last night and you shouldn't have any problem.
  • The only thing that might make the night more difficult is the fact that cameras will start shutting off on this night as the power can go out and the cameras can just stop working because of an error in the Office. If the cameras stop working, go into the Office as quickly as possible (make sure you know where Wario is) and go press the red button in there.
  • When the power is out the cameras will also go out too! it is impossible to make the cameras restart at The Office! Remember this. Restart them in the main Generator.
  • The Generator will be even more malfunction from now on because it will go out faster and the cameras power will now move to the Office remember to go back the office in left side(If Wario is in the Attic)
  • Avoid Wario at all costs because if he moved to his second path while Luigi is moving out This will make you Unlucky because they will both kill you
  • Luigi will act like Mario because Compare to them Mario starts at the Basement And Luigi starts at Attic he will go back there after you turn the power back on


  • This is the only night Luigi is active.
  • This is the last night without the need of the flashlight.
  • Like Night 5 Don't go the attic unless if Luigi is there when the power is out for a long period of time

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