Night 3 is the third playable night of Five Nights at Wario's 3. The player has the option of four rooms on this night, but only two will be available depending on the room the player hid in during Night 2. If they hid in the Kitchen, the Living Room 2 or Bedroom may be chosen. If they hid in the Bathroom, the Staircase or Bedroom 2 may be chosen.

Living Room 2

If the player hides in Living Room 2, Wario and Waluigi will be active. Wario behaves like he did in Night 1. The player must look away if he appears. If Waluigi appears, they must use the light button in the room. However, usage of the lights will drain its power. It can be recharged by using the generator located in the Laundry. It is recommended to not charge the generator all at once, since Wario might show up in the room and kill you immediately.


  • The Living Room 2 is not an easy night. You have to be very careful about Wario, since he comes from the left of the room and the fact that the generator is on the left side of the Laundry too. Keep in mind that if Wario is in the room, if you are facing left in the camera, it stills makes eye contact. To pass the night, you will need to be aware of your surroundings.
  • Wario comes from the Living Room 3, then goes to the Staircase before coming from the left side of the Living Room 2. As long as you look right, he should go away. However, you will need to check the left of the Laundry room to recharge the generator for Waluigi. So be aware of Wario's position before doing so. And you can recharge the generator in multiple attempts to. Just do it quite fast, you never know if Waluigi is gonna attack soon.
  • Waluigi starts in the Playroom, then he goes to the Bedroom 2 and then the Hallway. If you see him there, look at him frequently. If he leaves the hallway, check the Bedroom 2. If he is not there, flash the light.

Phone Call

"Hey hey hey, g-good evening, good evening. Um, you still haven't found your way out, have you? *sighs* Remember what I said, sending someone over might make the ghosts… very aggressive. You kinda have to do this on your own.

So you're in the old living room tonight, huh? Uh that room is pretty big, isn't it? If I remember right, the door on your left hand side is very close to you and easily accessible for anything or any One. *hisses* Remember what I told you two days ago. Should anyone peek in from the sides, quickly look away, and do not look at your camera until they're gone.

The room you see in front of you should… Wait, what? You say the light in there is gone? Uh, that's bad. Um *stutters* the power is probably very unstable. Oh alright, alright. Um, should you need to check something in there, try pressing the light switch. The light you get is probably… not gonna last for long, but it will be enough to make any ghosts who might be standing in there go away. I'm guessing you then must go to the laundry room to charge it back up in the fuse box. But, you should be able to do that by the little pad you're holding.

Look, promise me that you'll be careful, yeah? B-but hey, eh guess what I found on my way to work. *stutters* A very old looking bit of paper. It, it looked to be a recipe for a special hamburger or something. *stutters* I don't know. It was just lying on the ground. It's weird but you can stumble across eh? Um anyways uh... good night."


If the player hides in the Bedroom, Waluigi and Luigi will be active. The Monitor has unlimited power when the player hides here. The room is very dark and only has a lamp to light the room, which can be turned on and off by the player. The lamp should be turned on only if Waluigi or Luigi is standing behind the curtain. Unlike the Monitor, it has limited power which cannot be charged. If you see Luigi or Waluigi's shadows, wait for them to walk away.


  • The Bedroom is by far the easiest night in the game after Night 1. Why? You have infinite time to check the cameras. So stay in the camera as often as possible, except for when you need to check the lamp. You will only need to watch carefully.
  • Waluigi comes from the Living Room, then he goes to the Laundry (where he can quickly move to scare you sometimes) and then to the Hallway. If he leaves this last room, check the lamp.
  • Luigi comes from the Bathroom, then goes to the Kitchen before going to the Living Room 2 (where he can float). If he leaves the Living Room 2, check the lamp.

Phone Call

"Hey hey good evening so uh Max here again. Listen up cause i have some crazy information today. The ones who used to live in the house right now were the McRoy family. Though that was very long time ago there was one child and Mr and Mrs McRoy. Over, it's not a familiar name to be McRoy, McRoy, nah just don't ring bells with me. Anyway, you're in the bedroom right? Well then I'm sure you found a place to charge your pad. Yeah great. Now you don't need to worry for your power on your pad, so you can just look at the cameras for as long as you like. Basically, a few other who were in the house a few years back, I have curiosity as you do, and I remember that there was one outlet in that room. Though see if anything happens to your camera system. Previous workers had to complain about some glitches happening to the screen, when a charger is plugged in. Like the screen flipping upside down, that's crazy stuff. But, if you plugged in the charger, then that must mean you unplugged the lamp behind the curtain right? Oh okay. Well the lamp goes the battery power to still work but as you know, batteries don't last forever. Keep switching on and off every hour then, if someone is standing there than keep the lamp on until they go away. But remember, try to save battery on the lamp. That bedroom though... I'm guessing it was the child of the family who slept in there... Uh sorry. Good night."


If the player hides in the Staircase, Wario and Ashley will be active. When Wario appears in Living Room 2, the player must stare at him as long as possible. The player must cover their eyes if Ashley's shadow is seen. The room is so dark that the only thing the characters can see is the player's eyes. Phone Guy explains that, if the player's eyes are covered, then it will take longer for the characters to adjust to the dark.


  • This room is not so bad. Keep the camera at the Living Room 2 for the night. If Wario is there, look at him until he goes away. You will need to be strategic to pass the night.
  • Wario comes from the Bathroom, before going to the Kitchen and then the Living Room 2. Look at him when he is in that last room.
  • Ashley is a bit more dangerous due to being unpredictable, since you will keep the camera on Living Room 2. She comes from the Playroom, then goes to the Hallway before showing her shadow on the top of the stairs. Cover your eyes with your hands to make her go away.

Phone Call

"Hi! Hi Again! Umm...... I'm recording a bit hardily after seeing the news report. The police are looking for a man who went missing and is possibly a criminal! His name was Richard Mc, umm, Richard....Richard or... Something-or-Other I think.... Pretty weird... 'Cause some of his friends or his older employees strike him as a pretty friendly guy. Anyways... Never mind... So,you're staying in the top of the stairs? Well that's both good and bad at the same time. You're standing in a Dark Corner,right? Okay. Anyone who comes in from the second floor should only see your face or your eyes,so if you see a shadow on the floor, quickly cover your eyes with your hands. Though the longer you cover your eyes, the longer it takes for your eyes to get used to the dark again, keep that in mind. But then there's the first floor... they can see you more clearly from there,so you must watch them on the camera if they're coming for you. The room that comes from the stairs from the first floor is umm... The old Living Room, I think. So,if you see someone in the Living Room,keep watching them on the camera for as long as you can. They will know that you're watching to the point that they will eventually go away. So, if you see someone in that room, stare at them on camera! Because if you don't look enough, they will probably rush through the door, up the stairs and... Do something to you... Okay, okay. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

Bedroom 2

The hallucinations of DK appear here, because of the side affects of the pills that were used in the Bathroom in Night 2, explained by the phone guy. The player can create static noises in this room. To keep Wario away, click on him very fast on the camera, as static noises scare the spirits. However, be sure to have enough energy for your cameras beforehand, otherwise you might not have enough time to repel Wario, or DK might appear in your room, leaving you vulnerable.


  • This room is not so easy. You have to keep Wario away while avoiding DK. And this is not easy. You will need to be persistent.
  • Wario is very very active on this night, since he is the only one that is able to kill you. And you need almost all your battery to keep tapping him to make him go away. The problem is that he needs to be tapped on so many times that he might still go forward. His route is the Kitchen, the Living Room 2 and the Hallway before entering the Bedroom 2 from the right side. If Wario gets in your room, you are dead. So, start the night by checking the Kitchen and tap Wario as fast as you can, but remember: keep enough batteries for DK.
  • DK is not too bad, but he can still ruin your night. Avoid staying on the camera that he is in, and keep some battery to lift up the cameras if he is in the room when you close them. If you fail to lift up the monitor when he is in the room, then he will jumpscare you and leave, making you scream and make noise, attracting the spirits to the room.

Phone call

"Hello, hello, hi this is Max. I'm-i'm just checking to see how you're doing. So, how did it go last night. You didn't feel sick or anything after eating those pills, did you? *breathing* huh? Did you take the very strong medicine? Oh boy... well um... I was the one who told you to do so! So... um the thing is the side effects from the medicine don't come straight away. This means you might experience them tonight. The most common side effect is hallucination. You might think you see a normally friendly face that you've seen before but since you're currently in this frightening situation you might see something truly evil. If you see something strange on a camera quickly switch to another camera or pull it down. If you see a hallucination in the room though, you should then pull your pad up again. You just want to look away before your mind tricks you completely! Now, in this bedroom you have a new tool. This is probably where the parents slept and they wanted to control the whole house. Do you see the cable on the ground that leads into the wall? Um, you plugged it into your pad? Good... now you can make static noises play in the room you're looking at by simply touching your pad. If you see some familliar ghosts, try tapping the screen many times. Hopefully the noise will scare them away because you don't really have anything else to protect yourself within there. Okay. Good night and stay safe."

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