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Night 3 is the third playable night of Five Nights at Wario's 2. This night is harder than the first two nights as Bowser and Peach become active. 


Check the cameras. It is recommended that all cameras are watched because Bowser has a different route. Take care of the Generator and regulary check the Tool Storage.


  • The fact that Peach is now active don't change much things, since she comes the same way as Wario and Waluigi, so you can check for her in the hall just like you did for the two plumbers on the previous nights.
  • Don't forget to check the Tool Storage!
  • The biggest change on this night is Bowser. He is the most active character in the game. He probably won't be on this night, but he will be extremely active by the end of the game, so make sure to start checking the Garden, so you can see if he is close. If that's the case, act as if anyone was is in the hallway and don't charge the generator for too long.

Phone Call

"Hello? Ah, Welcome back! You remembered to watch the cabinet, right? You didn't see it opening, did you? I'm sure you did fine. Heh, Still no progress on the power, unfortunately. But we'll get an expert tomorrow. So we hope to see some changes. Just hang in there. Remember how I said that we rebuilding this up from the ashes? Well, this building actually caught on fire many years ago. Luckily, no one got hurt, or actually one did! A dragon-like creature, he died in this fire. He was a bad guy, so who knows? He might been the cause of the fire in the first place! He was buried afterwards. Heh, right below your office actually. Kinda cool, huh? And kinda disturbing as well. Afterwards, Wario decided to stop the Food Factory. Either way, just keep going. Uh, remember the generator, yeah? Hide if you need too! Check that cabinet as often as you can too! But I'm sure you will be fine anyway. Talk to you tomorrow."

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