Were you looking for Night 3 from the second game, or even Night 3 from the third game?
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Night 3 is the third night in Five Nights at Wario's, and the first night where Peach starts to move (if she rarely moving on Night 2 isn't counted). This night becomes much more difficult than the previous nights as Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi move faster on this night, Peach may also appear, so the player must prepare for this new enemy on night 3.


At this point the player should only listen for the audio cues. Check both hall lights for Wario and Waluigi on the left, and Luigi and Peach on the right. Since there is a possibility for them to appear, The player may also check the Monitor breifly to know where they are, The player should also use the hall lights and when they hear the audio cue for Wario or Waluigi opening the door closest to the office. also check the camera closest to the right door to the office for Luigi and Peach as well.

Phone Call

"Hello...? Hello, hello? Well look at that, your third night. You've done a good job. You managed to save the power great, so just keep up the good work you've done. Um... there is something that maybe I should mention... The stories around the things that happened seven years ago... Well, they are, in fact, um, true... Well nobody knows really what happened, but what we know is that, on a Monday about seven years ago, Wario and Waluigi went to work and as you probably have heard somewhere, they went missing. They never came back from work and they never come out of the factory... And later the same night Mario and Luigi, they went into the factory to look for them, but the thing is, they never came out either. And people have also mentioned that Mario's Girlfriend or some sort, Peach or something, I dunno if that is the correct name. She went in to look for Mario when he went missing, and apparently she was never found either... And after Peach disappeared, someone came up with the rumor of the factory being cursed or something, and decided to close it off. Um, we have not any clue on what really happened, though some witnesses said that early in the morning that same day, an unknown person went into the factory and... Uhh... Yeah, nobody really knew who that person was or anything, and the weird thing is, he never came out either. We also had a Wario costume in the back room, you know for mascot purposes, and the weird thing, uhh, that costume actually disappeared on that same day. So we don't really know where it is. So, yeah, the factory has a bit of a dark backstory, I guess... But it looks to have a bright future. By the way, have you been... doing something to the machine in the machinery room? We came to work early today, and the machine was turned off, and as far as we know these machines are protected with a code of some sort, that really only the employees, or previous employees know about... you haven't touched the other machines have you? Oh well, it's back on again now, so just hang in there and I will speak to you tomorrow."


Sitting completely idle will not work this night.

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