Night 2 is the second night on Five Nights at Wario's: Origins. This night introduces enemy Wario.


This night is fairly easy once you understand the mechanics involved.

  • First, the power will go out after a while. When this happens, you will have to go to the Basement and click on the switch. Do this quickly, because you might lose the track of Wario.
  • Second, Wario has two different paths. He can either approach from the left by going to the Storage, the Office and the Kitchen. Or he can just go straight to your room by going into the Attic. If he is close to your room (Kitchen/Attic), go get a mushroom in the storage by passing through the rooms where Wario isn't. So, if he is in the Kitchen, pass through the Attic and vice-versa.
  • Third, don't stay out of your room for too long or your safety will be empty and Wario will kill you. Remember that he always start at the Backdoor and that he will go back there after leaving your room.
  • Fourth,Since the Ghost Mushroom is availble in Storage Don't keep it for too long or you will have to wash it on the Bathroom It's better using the ghost mushroom too early rather than keeping it(According to the Phone Guy)
  • Fifth If you try to be an idle While Wario is active the strategy will not work
  • Sixth don't stay any of your favorite room for too long also because wario is active
  • And Seventh Don't go any rooms where Wario he is you may get killed instantly by him

Phone Call

"Wario my good man, can you hear me clearly? I sure hope so, man. You were not at work today so I just had to call you and tell you that something crazy went down today. So I had lunch break relaxing and goofing around with the camera system you know. And I SAW YOU! You with white glowing eyes and a deformed face. You were just standing there by the backdoor so I naturally went to check it to look for you but no you were nowhere to be seen when I got there. No one else believed me. But that looked like a freaking demon to me, man. It almost looked non-physical. I could clearly see that it was something evil though so I got out of there. But if you want to stay, fine! Be crazy. Although I would suggest if you see anything on the camera like I did, DO NOT go into the same room as it ok? Who knows what would happen if you're on your own with it. That story aside uh, we put a lots of invisibility mushrooms in the storage today and if I were you, I would go there and grab one of the mushrooms if that thing started to get close to my room. Bring it back to the main room and eat it. It will turn you invisible for a short while, but be careful if you keep it for too long it will spoil and you'll be forced to take it back to the bathroom and wash it for it to be usable again. Also try not to be away from your main room for too long, okay? I think you'll be a whole lot safer in there. I tell you man, I've got no freaking idea what's going on. But you stay if you want."


  • This is one of only two nights in the game, with only one enemy; the other is Night 6, which stars only Wario man.
  • Compared to Springtrap He wasn't active in Night 1 because The Day shift guard "Phone guy" hasn't spotted him
  • The Day Shift guard also accuse Wario(The night guard) For being in the Backroom the reason why because a evil version of Wario that's why The Day Shift guard accuse Wario(The night guard)
  • This is the last night without fixing the cameras power

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