Night 2 is the second playable night in Five Nights at Wario's 3. In this night, the player may choose to hide in the Kitchen or the Bathroom.

It's worth noting that the player's choice will determine the rooms they can hide in for Night 3 and 4.


If the player hides in the Kitchen, Wario and Luigi will be active. In the early demo, Yoshi is active. It is pitch dark inside of the Kitchen, but the player can light the room up for a short time by adding fuel to the oven in front of them. However, the player should only light up the room when they know who is inside the room. If the player lights up the kitchen when nobody is in there, they will come rushing towards the player, usually resulting in death. The player should watch all of the CAMs around the Kitchen. This will allow the player to easily find out if someone is inside the room. Lighting the room up while someone is inside will make them go away.


  • This night is not as bad as it seems to be. You just need to be very careful by keeping track of Wario and Luigi. You will need to be confident to pass the night.
  • Wario comes from the Laundry, then goes to the Living Room before attacking you in the Kitchen. While his track is shorter than Luigi, he is not nearly as active as him.
  • Luigi, however, starts at the Living Room 3, then goes to the Staircase, before going to the Living Room 2 and then going to the Kitchen. He is more active as his path is longer and he will generally attack first.


If the player hides inside the Bathroom, Yoshi and Ashley will be active. This room is much simpler than the Kitchen. The player has access to the medicine cabinet inside the room. There is a total of 6 pills inside of the cabinet; 3 long sight, 2 short sight, and 1 paralysis pills. If either Ashley or Yoshi appears outside the door, the player must take one of the pills, and they will leave. The pills do have side effects; the long sight makes the player unable to see anything on the cameras, short sight makes the player unable to see the Bathroom itself, and paralysis makes the player unable to pan from side to side. It is recommended to take the long sight and paralysis first. Short sight should be used as a last resort.


  • You will need very good reflexes to pass the night. Especially in Hard mode.
  • You don't have to watch Yoshi or Ashley on camera, but it might still help you to prepare yourself for their attack.

Phone Calls


"Hello? Hello? A-Are you safe? Oh, good... You had me worried throughout all day! So, where are you located? The kitchen huh? I see... That's a good choice there! As you probably already know this is very dark tonight. It's cloudy and the moon is small, yeah... I'm not sure if you're able to see very much in there. But luckily, this is the kitchen we're talking about. You have an oven, or should we say, a free light source, kinda. I doubt any of those eletrical ovens work but there's an old oven behind the desk there! If you put some fuel in, it should light up the room for a little while! However, be very careful. Ghosts can sense the light from very far away! And since you only have a limited supply of fuel, you should only use it when you know someone is standing in your room. Got it? This is where you must use your security cameras, effectively. Follow them. Track them. This way you'll know if they're in the room with you or not. The scary thing is if you light up your room while someone is in there with you, they will for sure go away, that's a fact! However, if no one is there, they will most likely come rushing towards you and you must just... hope for the best! *chuckles* So only use your fuel when you absolutely need to. Keep at it, stay safe, stay calm. Good night."


"Um, h-hello? You're still there! *Strange groaning noise* Okay, okay, okay, Just glad that you're okay… Now, where are you? The bathroom? All right, good choice! Although… I'm unsure if you have a lot to protect yourself with in there… Hmm… Wait, is there a medicine cabinet in there? If there is, take a look inside. See if you can find some... medicine of some sort. I've heard that the effect that is created when you take some types of medicine will drive the spirits away… Don't ask how. Maybe the reaction the medicine creates makes them think that you're dead or something… Either way, I think this is your only hope. Stay quiet, track them on the camera, and if they should find you, quickly swallow a pill or something. Then they should hopefully go away. Take the strongest medicine you can find. However, strong medicines often come with some side effects, like temporary loss of long distance vision, short distance vision, paralysis etcetera… But don't worry, these side effects will go away shortly. *Ahem* Keep moving during the day, okay, and I'll call you again tomorrow if you're still there… Be careful."


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