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Night 2 is the second playable night of Five Nights at Wario's 2. This night is a bit more difficult than the previous night as Toad becomes active. Tool Storage, the room he hides in, is completely dark from this night on. Despite the darkness, the player will be able to see the room for a second when the lightning flashes.  


Check the Monitor to make sure that the enemies aren't coming. On this night, the player also needs to check out the Tool Storage. If Toad is gone, hide in the Backroom immediately. Do the same if Wario or Waluigi is seen in The Office hallway.


  • Toad is now active. So make sure to time your actions with the lightning so you can check both the hall and the Tool Storage at the same time. You can check both if you are quick enough.
  • Like the previous night, if Wario or Waluigi is in the hall, be sure to avoid charging the generator for too long.

Phone Call

Hey! You did great! Did you see anything last night? Hopefully not, heh. Just remember what I told you! Should something enter your office, stay in the backroom and be quiet. Therefore, if you should find yourself in this situation, you must not touch the generator. But otherwise, keep it charged. Unnatural beings tend to be faster in the dark. but no worries though, you can charge power if it should run out, keep that in mind. Uhh, I said that we were trying to fix the power, right? Heh, funny thing is we only managed to make it worse for you! The electricity got completely broken in the Tool Storage. So, you won't able to see much in there now. Well, come to think to it, the thunderstorm probably won't end until the next week according to the weather report. So, remember, lightning is your friend. Uhh, by the way, the cabinet that's standing in the Tool Storage, keep a eye on that alright? As I was investigating the room today, I felt a strange danger as I opened this cabinet. Not sure why. Heh, just keep a eye out on it every now and then, yeah? If it should open and nobody is standing there, someone might be, well, rushing towards you! So, if you should see this, enter in backroom as fast as you can, and we will keep working out our problems. Stay tuned and stay safe! Good night!


  • This is the first night where Toad is active.
  • You can see Mario in the Machinery, though he won't be a threat until Night 5

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