Were you looking for Night 2 from the second game, or even Night 2 from the third game?
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Night 2 is the second playable night of Five Nights at Wario's. This night immediately starts increasing the difficulty, as Luigi gets a bigger role and Peach can occasionally appear on this night. Wario Man has a small chance of appearing in the Bathrooms, as with every other night. Also, Wario and Waluigi seem to start to get more aggressive and attack more often.


Closing the left door most of the time would still most likely work here, even if Wario and Waluigi are slightly more active than usual. Luigi also appears this night, albeit he seems to attack less often but when he does, he tends to linger there, draining more power, Conserving power 'till the end of the night is key, which is very easy as long as you listen for Wario's and Waluigi door audio cues as well as Luigi's footsteps.

Phone Call

" *ringing* Hello? There I told you it wouldn't be a problem! Um, you didn't happen to see anything unusual, during the night did you? Like, err *long pause* a machine not working, or something.....probably not. Anyways, you did a good job, those machines were working during the day! So... just keep it up! Um... about that rumour I mentioned to you yesterday. Um *long pause* the thing is.....uh *pause* or you know what just never mind, forget about that... *pause* Just keep doing what your doing! Um, uh, I should probably mention though, Not to scare you or anything... It's a known fact uh - maybe you should know about it... As you might know the factory closed down 7 years ago... And, you probably know that Wario and the rest of the gang was here... um... well they were never found *pause* so we don't even know what happened to them *pause* but anyways that's not the point... So, 6 years ago *long pause* 1 year after the factory got closed down... a woman passing by the abandoned factory *pause* - she claimed to see *pause* Wario in the window... Only in *pause* difference... The same thing happened to a man last year, so we don't really know what they meant by that... You know anything about this? Well, during the 7 years, it only happened twice *pause* so they were probably just something they imagined. So yeah, check those cameras, check everything is working correctly, and don't use the doors and lights in case you feel like... So keep up the good work, and I'll talk to you tomorrow!"


  • Peach occasinally appears on this night.
  • This night (and Night 1) can be won by sitting completely idle.
    • When Mario becomes active on Night 4, this strategy will not work.

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