Night 1 is the first night of Five Nights at Wario's: Origins. It introduces the players to the new mechanics of the game such as restoring power in the Basement.

During this night, it is recommended to get a clear understanding of the building and watch out for the power on the monitor or building (for the monitor you should go to the office).


This night is very easy because nobody is active, so the player should not do anything. (except restoring the power in the Basement).

This is the only night where you can win by being idle

The Shadow figure of a evil version of Wario appears to be shadow but that does not going to kill you

You can stay at any room you feel like because of this the Safety meter will not active

if you feel bored at staying any rooms you can give a tour this will gain your time

Phone Call

Hey Wario my man! How are you? We finished it today man we finished your cafe! The thing that once was a old empty peice of garbage. Its easy to look at this place now eh? All though we're not 100 percent done yet we're planning to do some niffty stuff to the attic but we haven't decided exactly what yet, so that room is still at its old state there's also a little window up in the attic and beyond that window is just a small room and we just use that for machinery stuff, but we still have one more week to work before the cafe opens to the public but we have plenty of time but I still Don't understand why you would wanna be there during the night but with all these thieves now a days especially with everything new it can be quite dangerous so we took this to consideration and gave you one of these fancy new computers! It has security cameras connected to it pretty fancy you'll get the full view of the place you'll probably find yourself bored eventually staring at the computer screen and stuff so i suggest you take a little tour around the building tonight. You know get to know the location the building and stuff like that and one final note there's a easy tend the power might shut off now and then because the generator stops and runs out of energy. Now listen to me the generator is the thing in corner right of the basement got it? You can reset it at any time by clicking the big button on it, If you do this enough it shouldn't be a problem at all, all though if it does run out then no worries you can just reset it again and the power should be back shortly enjoy your new place man and have a fun night!


  • This is the only night in the series, that has no active enemy.
  • If you go to the basement, you can see Flumpty Bumpty. Clicking on it says "Hi!"
  • Flumpty is not here at night 2,3,4 and 5

Easter Eggs

While looking at the camera you will see a shadow figure of Wario

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