Night 1 is the first playable night of Five Nights at Wario's 3. In this night, the player will be hiding inside the Living Room.This night is relatively easy as Wario is the only one to move.


Only Wario is active on this night. He follows a set path, starting in the Bedroom, and then moves through the Hallway, Living Room 2, and the Kitchen before either appearing at the left-hand side of the room, or in the mirror above the fireplace. When he is at the left, the player must look over to the right and wait for a few seconds to ward him off. If he appears in the mirror, the player must pull up the Monitor and keep it up until the heartbeat sound slows down.


The best strategy to beat this night is to stay facing to the right. Wario will not be able to attack you from the left if you do this. Keep the mouse near the camera button at all times, as it is unpredictable when Wario will pop up in the mirror. The player should also watch him carefully, as this will slow him down a bit (as said by the Phone Guy.)


  • You will need to be calm to pass the night. Good reflexes can be done when you don't panic.
  • Wario has two ways to attack you: the left side and the mirror. Just follow the strategy above and you will avoid both pretty easily. His route is Bedroom, Hallway, Living Room 2 and the Kitchen.

Phone Call

"Hello? Oh, thank god! You're in the house, right? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Max. I am one of the employees for the new job, but that's not important right now.What is important is for you to get out of there! I know someone hired you to watch over the house tonight, because the family that is living there is on vacation, Blah blah blah! Well, I don't know who told you that this house needed some sort of protection, but I'm pretty sure it was a prankster! You need to get out of there! That house that you're in is apparently extremely haunted, and according to have some files that I have here, nobody has been living there for years. I'm not sure what kind of hauntings that exist in that house, but one thing is clear. I'm sure they try to get you by messing with your mind. You might even go crazy and see the exit door as a hallway, for example. Stay focused, alright? I could come over, but I'm afraid that can make things even worse. Now, you must not move from your spot you're on during the night, alright? It's extremely dangerous in that situation. It's a good thing that you set up the cameras around the building. Use them well. But keep in mind, you can only use them for limited amount of time. Watch the power meter to make sure you don't need to charge them all the way back up. If someone should come in over at the left-hand side, quickly look to the opposite side of the room and wait. Don't look at your camera, just... wait. You don't want to make eye contact! Understand? Though, in this room they might sneak behind you as well; I'm guessing you will then see them in the mirror above the fireplace. If this should happen, immediately pull up your camera to make them go away. Got it? You should also watch them on cameras as often as you can, as it somehow makes them go a bit slower... I think? Once the sun rises, you are free to look for the exit. But remember, as I said, you might have trouble finding it. Heck, they might even shut the doors and windows completely! If you don't find a way out by tomorrow night, I'll give you another call. But do not... and I repeat, DO NOT stay in the same room two nights in a row, okay? That will make you easier to find. Good night."


  • This is the only night in the game where only one enemy is active.
  • It is one of the two nights in the game where the player may not choose a room, the other being Night 5.
  • This night is similar to Night one of FNAF since both of them have one active antagonist.


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