Were you looking for Night 1 from the second game, or even Night 1 from the third game?
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Night 1 is the first playable night of Five Nights at Wario's and the only night in the demo. It mainly serves as an introductory stage to ease you into the mechanics of the game. This night is relatively easy as Wario and Waluigi are the only characters who will move and attempt to attack the player. Mario and Peach are not active on this night. There is also a chance that Luigi will appear (albeit rarely).


Wario and Waluigi are the only two to move in this night with an occasional chance of appearing at your left door. The "Just close the left door" strategy would be best for the first two nights. Luigi can rarely appear on this night at the right window. In which case, it would just be better to use the hall light on the right window to check for Luigi. Other than that, this night is very easy.

Phone Call

" Hello, hello hello... Are You There? Oh Great! Well um *clap*, welcome to Wario's, your new summer job. So This place recently got reopened, and you are in fact, the first person to work at this location after its reopening... That's quite an honor don't you think? Um, before we might of heard some, rumors or something about *long pause* something going on here about 7 years ago. Um, just don't worry about that, don't think about it at all.....I'm sure it's just silly rumors of some kind. So yeah you have nothing to worry about - anyways, your job here is pretty simple. Watch the security cameras around the building to make sure everything works correctly... This place is pretty old now, and we haven't got much time yet to fix everything around the building. So the rooms are pretty old and dusty and even rotten, and the machines might not work correctly. That's why we need you to keep an eye on things, and to make sure that everything looks alright! And if it should be necessary, you can also put on the lights, in the door to your left, and also in the window to your can also close off this door and this window. But please only shut those doors or turn on those lights only if absolutely necessary, you only have a limited supply of power for now so we don't really have to waste much money *pause* So yeah, good luck, just keep an eye on things, you should check your cameras pretty fast I guess to make sure you don't use...too much power, and you shouldn't really have anything more to worry about. You'll be sitting here until 6 am and someone will come and take your spot. So again, good luck, and I'll talk to you tomorrow."


  • Night 1 is the only night in the demo.
  • Luigi has a very rare possibility to move on this night.
  • If the rare chance of Luigi moving is not counted, The only active characters on this night enter through the left passage. (This is most likely because the demo only had the left passage).
  • In the demo, after you beat Night 1, it will automatically replay the level.
  • The Phone Guy might be on speaker, because he claps a few seconds in. This is impossible to do with a mobile phone without perhaps damaging the phone.

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