Is that a Music Box I'm hearing?
— Phone Guy, Night 4
Fnaw 3 Playroom

Playroom with the Music Box

Not to be mistaken with the other Music Box, the one that can unlock the Good Ending.


The Music Boxes are tools that you have to wind up when you hide in the Playroom on Night 4, if you have completed the Kitchen. Failure to keep the Music Boxes wound will result in Wario or Yoshi quickly killing you.

Types of Boxes

There are 2 music boxes, one being in the Playroom itself, next to the tab that activates the Monitor. The second one being on the Monitor, though it will 'jump' around the system, meaning you'll have to flip through the cameras quickly to find it before the Monitor runs out of power.


  • Keep Wario and Yoshi away.
  • The music box directly inside the Playroom isn't hard to keep wound up.
  • They play a happy melody.


  • They must be tended to constantly.
  • The electronic one will jump around to different rooms.
  • The Monitor will still run out.   
  • If one winds down all the way, Wario or Yoshi will likely kill the player.   
  • Doesn't keep Mario away.