Fnaw 3 Music Box
Not to be confused with the other Music Box, the one that you need to use to survive the Playroom.

The Music Box is a game mechanic in Five Nights at Wario's 3. It can be used to instantly complete Night 5, the Cellar, and achieve the good ending. To use it, the player must find all of its parts.

Once collected, the player may click the Music Box icon at the bottom right during Night 5. This icon will be dark and crossed out otherwise.


  • You can still get the bad ending in the Cellar just don't use the Music Box.
  • The Music Box can only be used on the last night.
  • You will keep any pieces of the Music Box you find whether or not you complete the specific room or even just exit after grabbing it.
  • The only way to lose the pieces of the Music Box would be to delete your save.
  • You do not get anything extra in the Extra menu for getting the good ending with the Music Box.