Were you looking for Machinery from the first game?

The Machinery, also known as CAM 5, is a location in Five Nights at Wario's 2. Waluigi can appear here, on the side near the water heater. Rarely, Mario can be seen here as well.


The Machinery is a very dark room. Some of the floor is visible, along with two lights on the ceiling. Also, there seem to be some chains hanging from the ceiling. Both the floor and the ceiling look rotted. There also appears to be some sort of water heater in there, but it is almost invisible to see.


  • When Waluigi appears here, the Monitor screen has to be scrolled far to the left, which can be time-consuming. This also means many players might not ever see him in this room, if they do not bother to scroll at all.
  • Sometimes this camera switches to the view of the Office Entry. The camera view needs to be switched a few times for this to fix.
    • Even when Wario or Peach is in the Office Entry, the glitched Machinery view always shows it as empty.
  • When Mario appears in this room, he makes the screen flicker, much like Wario Man in the original Five Nights at Wario's game. This is just a distraction, as Mario does not take a direct path to The Office and typically only appears in this room on earlier nights, when he is not even active.