Were you looking for Machinery from the second game?

The Machinery, also known as CAM 5, is a location in Five Nights At Wario's within Wario's Factory.

Waluigi and Peach are the only characters who pass through here.

Gameplay and Appearance

Waluigi will be standing there in an odd pose, but on Night 6, he will be to the left of the camera, unlike Peach who will just stare directly at the camera, being right in front of it. The room seems to feature a big machine that looks like a crane.


  • This room can bug out to cause every room saying "Machinery" (except the Bathroom).
  • This room is unavailable in the first demo of the game.
  • When Waluigi goes into this room, a loud grating sound is heard, followed by footsteps.
  • There's a chance that this room is displayed as "Entrance 1".