Were you looking for Living Room 2 or Living Room 3?

The Living Room, also known as CAM 1, is a location in Five Nights at Wario's 3


This room is a living room with three armchairs, two tables, some blue lamps, a fireplace and a mirror just above it. There's also a picture in the right side of the room. It may change to Wario's face, but it doesn't do anything at all.


  • Wario can appear on left side of the room. If he does this, you must look to the right and don't do anything else. Wait until you hear footsteps.
  • If Wario's reflection appears on the mirror above the fireplace, quickly lift up your Monitor until your heart beat slows down.
  • If no sound cue is heard when Wario is in the Kitchen, he will appear in the mirror above the fireplace to jumpscare the player.
  • Wario's route to the room is CAMs 4, 6, 5, and 2 (Bedroom, Hallway, Living Room 2 and Kitchen).


Living Room intro.


  • The player hides in here on Night 1
    • Wario the only one that is active during this night. 
  • The painting can change to the face of Wario.
  • This room contains the left side of the Music Box.


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