Were you looking for Living Room 2 or Living Room 3?

The Living Room, also known as CAM 1, is a location in Five Nights at Wario's 3


This room is a living room with three armchairs, two tables, some blue lamps, a fireplace and a mirror just above it. There's also a picture in the right side of the room. It may change to Wario's face, but it doesn't do anything at all.


  • Wario can appear on left side of the room. If he does this, you must look to the right and don't do anything else. Wait until you hear footsteps.
  • If Wario's reflection appears on the mirror above the fireplace, quickly lift up your Monitor until your heart beat slows down.
  • If no sound cue is heard when Wario is in the Kitchen, he will appear in the mirror above the fireplace to jumpscare the player.
  • Wario's route to the room is CAMs 4, 6, 5, and 2 (Bedroom, Hallway, Living Room 2 and Kitchen).


  • It is not necessary to track Wario's progress with the Monitor, as if he appears in the left side of the room, he is easily avoided just by looking away, and the only time the Monitor needs to be pulled up is when he appears in the mirror.
  • Sound cues may not always signal that Wario has appeared in or left the room. This can happen in other nights as well, with most of the cast.


Living Room intro.


  • The player hides in here on Night 1
    • Wario the only one that is active during this night. 
  • The painting can change to the face of Wario This is temporary, cosmetic, and merely there to unnerve the player.
  • This room contains the left side of the Music Box.
  • If the difficulty is set to Hard Mode, the Monitor's battery will need to be near full in other get rid of Wario when he appears in the mirror. This is also true for deterring him in the Staircase in Night 3, on Hard Mode.