Five Nights at Wario's has a mechanic similar to the original Five Nights at Freddy's: The player looks the security cameras and has limited power. Also, he can close the door or the window.

  • When Mario is in The Office, use the monitor, it will prevent his attack.
  • When a plumber is at the door / the window, close the door / the window quickly. If the player is too slow, the buttons will be deactivated.

Five Nights at Wario's 2 takes a more hard mechanic from the first game. The Office has no doors and Thomas Taylor must genetate the power. The only solution to survive is to hide in the Backroom when a plumber is in The Office, quietly.

  • If the player stays too long in the Backroom, doesn't hide fast enough, or makes a sound, a plumber attacks him.
  • Look at the Tool Storage frequently, for makes sure Toad is not ready to attack.

Five Nights at Wario's 3 takes on a whole new mechanic from the last two prequels. Each night you have to hide in a different room to prevent Wario and the plumbers from finding you. Each room has a different style to how you play. In Night 1, you have to pull up the camera if Wario or any other plumber appears in the mirror located above the fireplace.. You also have to turn around if Wario or any other plumber is in the Left Hallway.

In Night 2, you have two options.

If you hide in the Kitchen, you will have to add fuel to the generator to get the lights on. If you do not do this, you cannot see anyone in the Hallway and it will make you more vulnerable.

If you hide in the Bathroom, finding Wario and co. Is similar to Night 1, except that the mirror and door/hallway locations are swapped. You have to use Pills with differant effects to fend off Wario and his friends.

  1. Short Sight Pills - Used to defend, gives you limited sight afterwards.
  2. Long Sight Pills - Used to defend, gives you long range sight afterwards.
  3. Paralysis Pills - Used to defend, prevents you from turning.

More will be added once the full game is released.