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The Doors are a game mechanic in Five Nights at Wario's. There is one door and a window door in The Office. It is used to protect the player from the Characters. They looks like large steel doors with mechanical movements.


  • Prevents characters from attacking.
  • Opening them saves power.


  • Enemies can't be seen if the doors are closed, so it might lead to an enemy getting into your office
  • Consumes power.


Using Doors consumes more power than using the lights.


No bugs found yet.

Doors are a game mechanic located in the Hallway on Night 4. Although never seen off-screen, they look like strong silver doors.


Doors are usable by opening the tab labeled "Door Control", its right to the Monitor.

There are 3 doors you can close, one is to the right, one is behind you and one to the left. But only 1 door can be closed a time. So the player has to know which one to keep open, and which one to close.



  • Only 1 door can be closed at a time, so you gotta be quick to block the plumbers before they enter.
  • Monitor will not work, so you have to listen to the sounds they make.

Doors appear on the night where the player returns to the first game's office, and they function exactly the same way as the first game.