The Custom Night screen.

The Custom Night is a feature exclusive Five Nights at Wario's: Origins that gives the player access to the AI control of Wario and Mario but also the level of difficulty with the flashlight mechanic; the higher it is, the faster your flashlight will run out of power. The player can also toggle Waluigi and Peach, and the battery system.


  • The fact Luigi isn't included in the Custom Night might make him seem not dangerous, or only able to be seen during the third night .
  • The 3/20/3/ON mode is possible, just very difficult, as a youtuber by the name of Luigikid Gaming was able and first to beat 20/20/20 mode on FNAW:O, before the cooldown on the mushrooms was added.
  • The hardest difficulty possible is by setting Wario, Mario and the Flashlight to level 20, Waluigi and Peach at ON and the Battery at OFF, making it 20/20/20/ON/ON/OFF. Doing so, you will eventually die no matter what, especially because by turning the Battery OFF, you will be forced to go to the Bathroom to recharge your battery.