"I can use this.'- Bruno's famous quote 

Bruno Gate is the main antagonist of the Five Nights at Wario's series. 


Bruno Gate was a greedy man who was jealous of the Wario enterprises getting a lot of money, so Bruno decided to steal the hamburger recipe that Wario and his friend Waluigi. When breaking into the fast food factory, Bruno put on a Wario Man costume in order to be disguised. While attempting to find the recipe, Wario heard the noises that Bruno was making, and so when Wario came down to the room to check around, Bruno, in a blind panic, killed Wario, as well as the other employees around the area. 

Later, Bruno apparently died and his spirit attempted to find the spirits of those he killed. Eventually he did, making amends with those he murdered at the end of the third game, freeing all of them, including Bruno.