• Epicpatrol2


    July 17, 2017 by Epicpatrol2

    hello yes i made this for no reason

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  • LeTesla


    March 7, 2017 by LeTesla

    This Wiki is still alive, wow.

    Seriously, I thought this Wiki died, but now it's active again.

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  • ImARuby

    This Wiki is Over.

    December 20, 2016 by ImARuby

    Go home. Nothing else to do here.

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  • Dragonmasterdrago302

    im most likely leaving this wiki as everyone got incredibly lazy now. they wont record in-game sounds when they could. instead choosing to type to someone. get real. me and toonster were the ONLY people getting the FNAW4 gif images. the FNAW4 room pages aren't even up. the FNAWO pages are barely expanded. and someone said stop being lazy and do it yourself. (something like that) thats hypocritical since you all are now being lazy currently. i can't stay on this wiki if people are being lazy for it. either 1. add more info as there needs to be more info on pages. 2. continue being lazy and basically let this wiki die. you're choice.

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  • LeTesla


    September 28, 2016 by LeTesla

    I guess this Wiki is getting dustier now.. Soon it will end up like the MKS Wiki..

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  • RichardTheBastard

    I would like to talk about Ideas that could be used for FNaW roleplays or what would really be cool (but unlikely) used by wwwWario for a future installment. I think I'll start off with not every Mario timeline is the same I believe that it is revealed that Mario used to be different and have his head but in the timeline the other games take place in mario was killed by decapitation from the killer. so why can't the others change in future  timelines by different results of decay or murder? they can you just got to think outside the box a little. like maybe wario or another character could have one glowing white eye but have the other be gouged out so that it would be an empty socket with a light glowing inside. or have some of the glove d…

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  • Caiox22


    August 17, 2016 by Caiox22
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  • RichardTheBastard


    August 7, 2016 by RichardTheBastard

    so I guess this wiki does roleplay. I really like to roleplay so let me know if you're willing to. I will use canon characters but I have a few mario OCs that I may use. Their names are Rick and Jana. They are both young during the events of the mario games but mostly I write about them as grown ups in the future. Rick tries to act tough and fearless but inside he is scared of the world despite how well he hides his cowardice. He is the type who would make big sacrifices just for the well being of his loved ones without thinking twice. Jana a kind and considerate. she is also a childhood friend of Rick though she is confident and really good acting though she sometimes uses her acting skills to manipulate others. 

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  • Scopica


    August 6, 2016 by Scopica

    this wiki is dead again


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  • RichardTheBastard

    I keep going to the chat in the wiki but I'm the only one who is ever there please join me

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  • ImARuby


    I have called you here to talk about the PS2, and how people make it out to be better than it actually is.

    Lets start with the console design:

    Tis ugly, no? I do not want this thing sitting on my shelf, and whos idea was it to put the power button... ON THE BACK?


    Uh, they're okay.

    In my opinion GCN and DC have way better games.

    The End

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  • Scopica

    Oh boy. Here we go!



    Mr. Blizzaard

    Giga Pirahna

    Metal Waluigi

    Closet Man


    Bowser Jr.

    Mrs. Blizzaard

    Mega Pirahna

    Metal Machine

    The Whiteout

    HARD MODE (these only show the different bosses, all the others stay the same)

    Golden Axeman

    Red Waluigi

    Phantom Daisy

    Retro Bowser



    RoboWario (FINAL BOSS)


    Golden WAH



    Richard McRoy (replaces Chipper's Revenge)

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  • Gold-sans mobile gonna take a while.

    WwwWario was making a FNAW world fan game when a deadly virus known as W.A.A. took it over. Now, Wario and a party of others must defeat it before it destroys Multi-Media Fusion!

    FNAW 1: Wario, Waluigi, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Richard McRoy, Wario-Man

    FNAW 2: Yoshi, Toad, Thomas

    FNAW 3: Withering Wario, Withered Waluigi, Withered Mario, withered Peach, Ashley, Bowser

    FNAW O: Alive Wario, Origin Wario, Origin Waluigi, origin Mario, Origin Luigi, Origin Peach

    FNAW Remastered: Re Wario, Re Waluigi, Re Mario, Re Luigi, Red Yoshi, Demento, Roesalina, Re McRoy

    FNAW 4: TV Wario, TV Waluigi, TV Mario, TV Luigi, Hanging Peach, Nightmare Wario, Remote

    ETC: WwwWario, Wirio, Wario doll, Phone Guy, W.A.A.

    • The Bomb King
    • false Wario
    • Krack…

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  • Gold-sans mobile

    Like the title just said, I think Richard McRoy is the killer in Five Nights At Wario's. Here are the facts:

    In FNAW 3, the mansion that the player is in belongs to Richard McRoy and his wife. However, it also said that Ashley was McRoy's kid. And, of course, Ashley is dead. I think that she was killed by a spell that she failed to do, causing her own death. (Anyone's childhood destroyed yet?)

    McRoy must have thought that Wario was the cause of her death. I mean, Wario is kinda reckless, so it makes sense. Mad at Wario for it, he decided to steal the secret formula for...god knows what.

    However, in order to cover his tracks, he had to kill Wario, Waluigi, Mario, Luigi, and Peach so no-one would know.

    What he did not count on, however, was for …

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  • Scopica


    July 15, 2016 by Scopica

    I'm going on a vacation on Sunday and I just want to clear this up.

    I'm only going for one week and if you demote admin from me for being inactive, then that's your own fault and misunderstanding. I'll post a message on my wall when I come back.

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  • Scopica

    Door Slam - Low attack that hits one enemy. Owned by Wario, Mario & Withered Wario.

    Power Outage - Low attack that hits all enemies. Owned by Wario, Withered Wario, Withered Mario, Phantom Wario, Origins Wario, Origins Waluigi & Hang Peach.

    Power Outage 2 - High attack that hits all enemies. Owned by Remastered Wario.

    Jumpscare - Stuns all enemies. Owned by Wario, Peach, Mario, Wario-Man, Toad, Donkey Kong & Remote Mario.

    Jumpscare 2 - Stuns all enemies for a longer period. Owned by Phantom Wario.

    Camera Spook - Gives your allies a power boost. Owned by Waluigi, Mario, Donkey Kong, Origins Wario, Origins Mario, Remastered Wario, Remote Luigi & Nightmare Wario.

    Camera Spook 2 - Gives your allies a bigger power boost. Owned by Phantom Luigi.

    Hot Ch…

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  • XXH950smXx

    Hello people,

    Today I was reading the story of FNAW:R. When I reached the part when the thief noticed Wario in the factory, then I found that a 'voice' was giving him some advice.

    What do I want to ask?

    Well, who could be the voice?

    Tell me who you think he could be in the reply. Also try to give reasons.

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  • IlluminatiGamer91

    Happy 4th of July guys! I hope you have a good day ya'll!

    Here's my question also:

    If you guys remember, The 64th Gamer put up the Wario's Mod Kit, which included the mfa and all that. If you guys happen to have the mfa, can you possibly upload it and send me a link to it. Also, I'm not talking about a decompiled version of the mfa, I'm talking about the one that 64th Gamer had released until it got taken down.

    If you can do that for me, I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks, and have a good day!


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  • LordIsBack

    4th of July

    July 4, 2016 by LordIsBack

    Happy 4th of July to everyone who is american!

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  • LeTesla

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  • IlluminatiGamer91

    A'ight, so this is my first blog entry on here, so lets start from the top and talk about my thoughts of FNAW4.

    When I figured out there was the 4th game, I was pretty hyped so to say. A new Wario's game was going to be making me much happier at that time. I then happened to get to beta test the game! We had a total of 3 betas. A Night 1 beta, a Nights 1-3 beta, and the beta that Luigikid and Jerejoe played. The testing did turn out good, and it made sure the game worked out correctly for it's release.

    Another tester was one of my friends here, which is Dragonmasterdrago. He's a pretty chill person, so make sure to say hi to him.

    Now let's get to the gameplay.

    The gameplay is incredibly well done, which is usual for Andy to pull off. The idea …

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  • Dragonmasterdrago302

    i personally think this is a great game. it still scares me even when i know how they appear. the game is hard which i like. sometimes a bit unfair but eh its still a great game. i like the brightness mechanic as it feels original and its good to use. the radio mechanic is great as well :) so are the rest. but i wish there was alot more story into this as to why nightmare wario even exists. but i really enjoy the excuse for why the characters attempt to kill you :). over all a 9/10.

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  • LeTesla


    June 29, 2016 by LeTesla

    I just found a typewriter in my basement.

    I'm not joking, I really did, it's manual as well. It looks something like this:

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  • Dragonmasterdrago302

    why are we still using in-game images here? all the characters have animations. we have no reason not to extract the textures. so why aren't we doing that? it makes no sense to me. i can't do gifs so don't ask. 

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  • WikiRosario

    FNAW Roleplay

    June 28, 2016 by WikiRosario
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  • LeTesla

    I'm gonna take this from one of my blogs,

    The theory goes is that I proved that Dead bodies coming alive and ghosts are not real, and that this is a movie set.

    If you didn't see this fully, i have a link: http://five-nights-at-warios-

    Now, onto FNaW:O..

    Firstly, If Wario is the player, then who is the other Wario? Exactly. The person we play as is just a random guy, and the other Wario is the actual Wario.

    Next, if Peach was an enemy in the other games, why is she just a BB ripoff here? Simple, that's what the movie makers want.

    Mario is just another example here: He still doesn't have his head, Which is movie effects.

    When FNaW4 comes out, i'll prove that one too. No FNaW:R because, i…

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  • Quickxilver

    I'm Back!

    June 8, 2016 by Quickxilver

    Heya! Yeah, you probably saw the title and though 'Back? But I've never seen you!'. Well, I used to be Zynical, and even before that, I was an admin/coder as General Psychodash. Well, I'm back on this account, and also back as this wiki's coder, but now also a bureaucrat.

    I don't know how active I'll be here, but I'll try to be as active as I can. Yey!

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  • Dragonmasterdrago302 here.

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  • Toonlink8801

    Heya I'm back

    May 22, 2016 by Toonlink8801

    Its been awhile I missed this wiki

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  • FNAF other

    Is this ligit?

    May 16, 2016 by FNAF other

    So, i saw a FNAW4 page. Is it ligit?

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  • WwwWario


    I want to thank everyone who was been working on this Wiki to make it as professional and informative as possible. I was wondering (since I don't know much about Wiki editing) if any of you could add Five Nights at Wario's: Origins to the game selection on the top, along with the 3 previous ones, so we have the list there with all 4 games? It makes it more organized, since there are pages of Origins, but no direct link to it :)

    Stay tuned for a surprise eventully.


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  • LeTesla


    May 7, 2016 by LeTesla

    I won't be adding much to this wiki anymore, I'll just check on it everynow an then.

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  • FNAF other

    Game ideas!

    March 13, 2016 by FNAF other

    Hey, its me, FNAFguy234 on a diffrent account! By the way, did you know i have a youtube account? Its called Goldensans. if you could send me a demo of FNAW:R, that would be awesome!

    But no more blabbering, lets get to the point! Some ideas for FNAW:R!

    1. Add new gimmics.
    2. Give the killer a better reson to kill everyone.
    3. Include refrences to WwwWario's past games.
    4. Make more then 6 nights.
    6. Jumpscare at end of demo.
    7. Please, 64th gamer, respond in the comments below and answer if you want to use any!
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  • FNAFguy234

    alright...time for part 2! i have never played these games, so this should be fun...right?

    FNAW 1: alright, game is booted up...*chuckls*...what's wario and waluigi doing in the start screen? this is more gross then scary...but, hey. lets carry on. OK, were in a offece...i didn't expect anything different...wait, mario and his friends are dead? well, thats...thats bad. alright, camras-wait, wario? wait a sec, im i fighting ZOMBIES?! OF WARIO?!?! OH SHNIZELZ IM DEAD!!!

    (a few minits later...)

    this game is soooooo easy. give me something hard! wait mario is on the computer...and he comes closer when i pull up the moniter...OK, thats better-(wario jumps me)HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THINGS PINGAS WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?!

    alright, lets try something...(does not…

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  • Scopica


    F I V E  N I G H T S  A T  W A R I O ' S

    Wario=Door Slam, Power Outage + Jumpscare

    Waluigi=Camera Spook, Hot Cheese + WAH

    Peach=Heel Turn, Gloom Song + Jumpscare

    Luigi=Hang, Nose Honk + Unscrew

    Mario=Jumpscare, Door Slam + Camera Spook

    Wario-Man=Springlock, Jumpscare + Haunting

    F I V E  N I G H T S  A T  W A R I O ' S  2

    Withered Wario=Door Slam, Hot Cheese + Power Outage

    Withered Waluigi=Unscrew, Generator + Haunting

    Withered Peach=Heel Turn 2, Rainy Day + Fast Food

    Withered Mario=Music Box, Power Outage + WAH

    Bowser=Flame Throw, Bite + Axe Throw

    Toad=Rushdown, Closet Slam + Jumpscare

    Yoshi=Haunting, Ghost Food + Double Cherry

    Withered Wario-Man=ESC Key, Unscrew + WAH

    F I V E  N I G H T S  A T  W A R I O ' S  3

    Phantom Wario=Jumpscare 2, Pow…

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  • FNAFguy234

    like the title said.

    one day, i was browsing the wiki, when then, it hit me. i knew who the killer was! so, i decided to make a blog post about it. BUT(T)! if this is true, SPOILERS ALERT!!! 

    we good? ok. sit down. cause the killer...the bad guy...the


    ok then, now your thinking: but he's dead! well, in FNAW O, the bad guy is the plumbers from FNAW 3. they travled back(don't ask how) to FNAW O. so what if FNAW 3 wario took(or mayby possest) the wario man suit, and killed wario, waluigi, mario, and luigi? i mean, come on! he's a perfect fit for the suit! and how can you explain wario man's powers? anser: they are paranormal powers. so to sum it up: FNAW 3 wario+wario man=killer.

    want more proof? got it.

    so if you would kindl…

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  • FNAFguy234

    funny captions 2!

    February 9, 2016 by FNAFguy234


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  • WyattMars the FNARI Developer

    That's one inactive user you got there.

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  • FNAFguy234

    teaser trailer

    January 15, 2016 by FNAFguy234

    frisk woke up in a strange place, a dinner as it looked, and looked around. just from looking at it, he knew it was not home. he was somewhere else. the last thing he remembers, for some strange reson, was a bowl of spagetti. he got up to look around, unawere of the dangerus adventer that awated him....

    ITS ME.


    COMING to the internet

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  • FNAFguy234

    funny captions

    January 13, 2016 by FNAFguy234


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  • Scopica

    Bowser:Well, uh... what do you wanna do?

    Phantom Bowser:Steal the princess, that's what!

    Bowser stared at his Phantom equivilent, he looked bloody, and had an axe through his stomach, but he did seem very kind-hearted.

    Bowser:Fine, if you insist. But you better be good, or it's out the door!

    (If you are wondering, 'Phantoms' are the FNAW equivilents of the originals.)      

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  • LeQuote

    It's F***sgiving!

    November 26, 2015 by LeQuote

    The month were everyone's jar of F***s given is fully refilled so everyone has F***s to give!


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  • Chiselerlikescheese

    I realized

    November 23, 2015 by Chiselerlikescheese

    OWAF was cancelled, FNaTI was cancelled, TRTF 5 was cancelled (because of the FNaF community), and now, i think FNAW Remastered will be cancelled. it just will. (not hoping it will be cancelled, but it will most likely be cancelled) 

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  • ShadOfSwad DeSmuME

    Just liek the title say, what did you like about the FNaW Series?

    Feel free to share everything you wish!

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  • Pingy Animatronic

    So here are my ideas for a DLC like FNAF 4.

    • Mario and Luigi will be reskinned as Jack-O-Mario and Jack-O-Luigi.
    • Wario and Waluigi will remain the same.
    • Wario Man would be replaced by Bowser Jr, a new non-canon character
    • There would be Halloween decorations
    • There will be cheats such as
      • Aggressive (Makes the night more difficult)
      • Radar (Will mark a dot on the characters which camera they're on)
      • Mad Mad Mario (Makes Mario more aggressive)
      • Crazy Wario (Makes Wario even more aggressive)
      • Insta-Peach (Makes Peach faster than the others)
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  • PTLD


    November 12, 2015 by PTLD

    On this page you can make your own FNAW 5. Post in the comments what your FNAW 5 will be like.

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  • General Phychodash

    Hello there, now you may be thing "what are you aplogoixing for?" well, there's a big reason and I decided ti tell you, ever since I banned someone (it was obvious who) I've felt guilty for one reason.

    I used to be a chatmod on the fnafrp wiki. I was used to all the rules over there, I forgot that those same rules may not apply here. In fault of that, I banned someone for reasons that may have not even been relevant. And after that I feel people have started to shape to the rules that I started to lay down.

    I didn't mean to change the wiki at all, and if those rules were there before I did that than jokes on me, but I still feel guilty even so. I know, the reasons for my guilt are stupid. But I do get like this, so apologies.

    Greatest wishes …

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  • MikeSulpher

    Oayuzs Zqhqd...?

    Aofanqd, Fiqzfk-Euj, 2015


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  • Everythingkkkkkkkkkk


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  • Scopica

    "Uh, hello, Hello-o? Are you there? Ah, great! Well, um, *clap* Welcome to Wario's, your new summer job!"

    WARIO:Wah? Who's on the phone?   

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