Were you looking for the Bathrooms from the first game?

Fnaw 3 Bathroom

The Bathroom, also known as CAM 3, is a location in Five Nights at Wario's 3.

  • The player may choose to hide in this room in Night 2.
  • If the player chooses to hide in this room, Ashley and Yoshi are active.


There are three types of pills. Taking any of the pills will get rid of Yoshi or Ashley if they are standing in the Bathroom doorway.

  • Paralysis Pills will make you unable to move left or right, but you can still check the Monitor or take other pills.
  • Long Sight Pills will prevent you from viewing the Monitor.
  • Short Sight Pills will prevent you from seeing in the room.


  • The Bathroom can be beaten easily without having to look at the Monitor.
  • It is best to take the "Paralysis" Pill first, then use the "Long Sight" Pills. The "Short Sight" Pills should only be taken as a last resort.
  • Ashley's route is the Laundry, Living Room, Kitchen, and the Bathroom's doorway.
  • Yoshi's route is the Bedroom 2, Hallway, Living Room 2, and the Bathroom's doorway.


Bathroom intro.


  • This room contains the handle of the Music Box.